The Core Cognition website is a project dedicated to study the scientific and societal impact of core cognition; the cognition shared by all of life. Its purpose is to empower you with broad scientific insights that help you understand yourself, others, society, and in general the biosphere

The basics of core cognition is outlined in two section. Section 1 addresses how core cognition arises from the demands of life. Section 2 addresses the key properties of coping and co-creation that emerge as two modes of being.We apply this on the level of the human individual in the section on identity and the section on the societal impact of the two mode of core cognition: two routes to general well-beingWe will add more and more analyses and blogs in due time.

In addition you can find content :Via tags this provides links to content and topics)Via categories this provides links to ways to present information such as introductory information, and more advanced topics. Via series this provides links to selection of pages that cover topics in depth and that can best be read in order

Who we are?

The project reflects part of the science efforts of Tjeerd Andringa and collaborators such as Florence Denham. The project is unfunded and guided by scientific curiosity.

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